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Why have a wedding video?


We caught up with wedding videographer, Emily Wallis, to hear her words of wisdom on how to create the perfect wedding video

What inspired you to set up a wedding video company?

Two days before her wedding, a great friend asked me if I could film a little bit of her wedding. They were thrilled with the film and soon other friends were asking me to film their weddings, then friends of friends and the commissions started trickling in.

Do you think videos are becoming as popular as photos?

I think photographers are still a priority for couples. Films can be seen as a little bit of a luxury, even though my fee is a lot less than most photographers. Photographs can be framed and may feel a bit more permanent than a video but having a film is the only way of reliving that day. Many couples have told me that they have preferred my video to the photographs.


What moments would you advise couples are key to capture on the day?

I think catching a private moment between the couple at some point during the day is really important. Ideally at one point when they are together on their own, but than can be tricky, so it could be shots of the couple dancing together or a kiss when they think no one is watching.

Do you think videos should have talking in too? Or just be set to music?

The right music really adds to the emotion of the film and I think talking can detract from this. So I include a little bit of sync (sound) when I think someone is saying something important or emotive – the ‘I do’s’, perhaps a key phrase in one of the speeches, a mother’s reaction to seeing her daughter in her dress, or something funny an usher or a bridesmaid says. I capture sound throughout the day but the majority of my films are set to music.


What is your advice for couples who are in the process of choosing their wedding videographer?

I’m going through that myself right now! I’m getting married in August 2017 and am trying to find a videographer. I work in television documentaries as well as filming weddings so I think technical ability is really important. I’m looking for someone who plays with depth of field in their films, but also someone who can tell a good story, whose films flow and tell a story of the day rather than jumping around. Most importantly, I’m looking for someone who isn’t cheesy!

What is your favourite part of the day to film?

I love filming the getting ready bit, the bride having hair and make up done and the groom getting dressed with his ushers. The sense of anticipation at this point in the day is wonderful, but it can be a bit tense at times, so my favourite part to film is the reception when the couple can finally relax and everyone’s having a great time.


What would you say makes your videos unique to others?

My films are roughly 10 minutes long and tell the whole story of the day as it unfolded, rather than jumping around. This is something I haven’t come across anywhere else. I will make the film longer if couples prefer, but I think this is the perfect length to share with friends and family, and the perfect length to watch over and over again!