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The perks of hiring a Wedding Planner


This week we caught up with wedding & events planner Katrina Littleton – below she highlights how hiring a wedding planner can save you, and your family, a great deal of time and stress in the run up to, and on, your wedding day. 

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Congratulations! You’re engaged, you’ve got a beautiful sparkler on your finger, drank multiple glasses of champagne to celebrate and now you’re embarking on the fun task of planning your wedding…

The majority of couples look forward to this process. They have an idea of how they want it to look and how the day should run. They like to organise things and think that they’ll enjoy the planning process, how hard can it be?!

This confidence unfortunately, in many cases, doesn’t last for long. With the invention of Pinterest, which is a mind boggling maze of wedding ideas, along with spending endless hours trawling through Google searches; couples find they can easily get bogged down with the enormity of the task in hand. There are hundreds of suppliers, ideas and concepts from which to choose. Couples soon realise that it’s not as easy as they’d first imagined.

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Here are a few reasons why the best solution could be hiring a wedding planner to do all the hard work for you…

  1. Planning is not as enjoyable as you’d expect – the parts that people think about are generally the fun parts – the food, the cake, the band, the flowers, and the dress. I agree these are the best bits, but the more fundamental things are not as enjoyable. How much power does the caterer and band need? What time is the church going to be open to allow the florist to set up? What drink quantities should you be ordering? Should you have heaters in the marquee?

2. It saves you money – this is the biggest misconception about using a planner. Couples often think it will increase the overall cost unnecessarily, however, when presented with a wedding budget, planners have the experience to know where your money can be best spent. They can offer you different options for each supplier, which work within your budget, and they can reduce costs by advising you on items that could be cut back on, or could get more cheaply elsewhere. It is in their interest to find what you want within your budget, so they will spend time researching to ensure you get the best price.

3. It saves you time – couples often underestimate how long it takes to plan a wedding. The aforementioned time that can be wiled away on Pinterest and internet searching is one thing, but often suppliers work regular weekday hours making it inconvenient for couples working the same hours to speak or meet with them. A planner eliminates this issue as they liaise with all the suppliers on your behalf. They pull all their quotes together into one working document, so all the costs and options are clearly laid out for you to choose from.

4. Knowledge and experience – a planner will have a wealth of experience, which is fundamental to the planning process. If you’ve never organised a wedding or big event before you won’t know what questions you need to ask your suppliers. Some missed questions can affect costs and timings, which causes a headache further down the line. Vice versa you often won’t know what the best answer is when a supplier asks how you would like something to be done. Uncertainty over whether you’ve made the right decision is common, and causes more stress and worry. Sometimes there is no right or wrong answer  so a planner can present the pros and cons of each option and allow you to choose the best outcome. Other decisions, however, can impact on the day enormously so a planner will guide and advise you so that you feel confident that nothing has been missed and everything will run smoothly.

5. On the day management – the bride and groom will undoubtedly have a fabulous time on their wedding day, this goes without saying. The rest of the bridal party often take on the responsibilities of pulling things together. In the morning they tend to be the ones helping with all the last minute things – putting out placement cards, outdoor furniture, photos, flowers, final decorations etc. During the day they are the point of contact for suppliers, or they are chasing around finding guests for the formal photos. Later in the evening they have to liaise with the caterer and band to cue timings for the speeches and the first dance.  A planner does all of this for you, so everyone is free to relax and enjoy the day. A planner will also sort out any issues that may arise without anyone having to be involved, or even notice that there was a problem!


Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, however, the months leading up to it can be very stressful, which is very sad and also avoidable. After their wedding most couples say they wish they’d used a planner to alleviate the stress. While those that have a planner bask in the smug glow of relaxation and confidence, knowing they’re in safe hands and all will go to plan.